George Eads – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Filming in Las Vegas

CBS’s hit forensic TV Show “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” is in Las Vegas filming an upcoming episode.

The crew is schedule to continue filming in Las Vegas through Saturday in various location around the Vegas area. Today the crew was seen filming in downtown Las Vegas with George Eads.

During the scene spectators saw a man running around with a severed head. The actor who we believe to be the “crazy guy” in the episode was said to be running around yelling “I want you all to meet my Dad!”

Later in the scene the “crazy guy”  was apprehended by agent Nick Stokes (George Eads). Besides the “crazy guy” and his fathers severed head, there was no more details on what will happen this episode of CSI.

To find out what happens on this episode of CSI catch it on CBS next month. For more photos from the set from yesterday (Oct 17) visit


Photo: Starpicz Media

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